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About Us

RiveredacePoker.com is the newest member driven poker site. We provide a friendly environment for players of all levels. Our philosophy of easy access to big money games and treating members like family makes us the site to play at. Look through the site and check out how we like to give back as much as possible to the members. The longer you are with us the more big money games you have access to. The more you play the more games you have access to. This also helps improve your play. As with any skill practice is the key. We feel you should be rewarded for this.

Our games cater to all abilities. A newcomer can play in any of the hundreds of games each month and can very likely finish in the money in many of them. The more seasoned players also have access to all the games but might be attracted to the hundreds of Big Payout Games throughout the month. Amass points for every game you play and if you earn enough gain entry to the annual $1,000,000 tournament.

Our basic members can enjoy all the free games and even have a chance at winning money in one or more of the regularly scheduled tournaments available to them. And they can get more by following the rules for joining other tournaments as detailed in the Terms and Conditions.

Premium Membership opens up all the monthly tournaments and games for cash. Each one is detailed on the website and includes entry requirements and payouts. These games have jackpots as high as $10,000 or more and are offered regularly so you can plan your tournament time. There are many chances to win each month. As you play and your skill develops you will get access to more tournaments for our most active members and when you reach a certain proficiency you may be invited to join one of our VIP rooms.

VIP rooms are by invitation only and are reserved for the best players. There is an additional charge to play in these rooms, but there are special tournaments held each month restricted to room members. The total number of players in a room is limited and once full, no new members will be allowed in. New rooms can open up to accommodate new pros as they develop. These special tournaments will have the highest payouts of jackpots around, as much as $5,000 or more for a first place win available several times each month. Limited competition for seats and maximum payouts is our goal for the player.

We are the place where you have the best opportunity to play and enjoy competition with the biggest and most jackpots at the best cost.

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