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This is an Example and NOT a Real Tournement


When - Feb 27th, Wednesday at 8:00pm. The FIRST 200 Players ONLY! Register by clicking on the New User link or if you are already a member just log in. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. First Time players Click Login In (click "remember me" if you want the game to remember you). 

2. Welcome Page Will Appear Click "Start".

3. Double Click on the Play Free Tournament and Begin Registration.

Tournament Payout:
Zero entry fee with a $2,000 Pot!

$800 - First Place
$400 - Second Place
$300 - Third Place
$200 - Fourth Place
$100 - Fifth Place
$ 50 - Next Four Places

If you are not 1 of the first 200 click on New User and we will send you an email announcing the next Free Tournament Date. If you are already registered you will automatically receive an announcement. Click on our Premium Membership to see details and play all Cash Winning Tournaments Daily!

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